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Alan Wake's American Nightmare: Better Than the Original?

Jordan Haygood

The very first review of Alan Wake's new adventure on the Xbox Live Arcade, titled Alan Wake's American Nightmare, has recently come in. The early bird is the Official Xbox Magazine, who gave the game an 8.5 out of 10. In comparison, they gave the original an 8 out of 10.


In their review, OXM mentioned that Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a big improvement in terms of mechanics. They also said how the game fixes a lot of the repetitiveness and area design issues the original Alan Wake had. According to OXM, Remedy has really tightened things up since the previous game.


While it may not be the Alan Wake 2 fans were hoping for, this little spin-off will do a pretty good job in making them happy until then. That is, if the fans share the opinion OXM has of the game. You'll all be able to find out on February 22, when Alan Wake's American Nightmare hits the Xbox Live Arcade.


Are you excited about Alan Wake's American Nightmare?


Source: Gaming Everything

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