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Bethesda Makes Silly Mistake With Dawnguard DLC


The highly anticipated Skyrim: Dawnguard downloadable expansion has finally hit the Xbox marketplace. While everyone is gearing up to choose a side on the vampire wars, I noticed a peculiar oversight while playing my brother's copy of the game.


Namely, characters afflicted with the vampiric disease can join the Vampire Hunters. Before my brother installed the DLC onto his Xbox 360, he was already a vampire in his original version of Skyrim. After the DLC was installed he was still a night stalking ghoul, but with the distinct ability to hunt his own kind by joining the side of the humans who were more than happy to take him in.


While I'm unsure if this is a glitch entirely confined to his version of the game or if Bethesda just overlooked the fact that vampires already existed in Skyrim before the release of Dawnguard, there is still one thing I'm certain of. It is time to change his character's name to Blade.


Has anyone else been able to join the Vampire Hunters despite already being a vampire for quite some time? Please let me know in the comments below so I can confirm this isn't just my brother's own copy of the game harboring a bunch of vampire loving hypocrites.

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