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Buy $30 Worth of MSP At Coinstar and Get $10 Free


Interested in getting some free Microsoft points? Well Coinstar can hook you up with their new cash out options that include Microsoft points codes. All you need to do to get your free $10 certificate is find a Coinstar in your local Kroger and cash out $30 worth of Microsoft points at the machine.


After you cash it out the machine will print out a $10 code that can be used to purchase Xbox Live time or for just more points. Cashing out a Microsoft Points card at your local Coinstar will apparently automatically remove the usual fee of 10%, so if you're looking for a good deal on points then look no further than Coinstar while the deal is still active.


Remember, it has to be a Coinstar located at a Kroger supermarket. This deal apparently won't work with just any old Coinstar machine. If you want to read more about their current promotion before you run down to the store with $30 in quarters then be sure to check the link below.


Coinstar Promotions

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