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Cuphead now delayed to 2017

Jason Clement

There have already been a few high profile games delayed into 2017 this Fall, from Mass Effect Andromeda to Horizon Zero Dawn and even Gravity Rush 2 (as of last week), and unfortunately, one more game is getting added to that list now.


Cuphead, one of the Xbox One's most anticipated upcoming releases, has now been pushed to a 2017 release. While developer StudioMDHR originally wanted to release the game 80 years after 1936 (which would put it squarely in 2016), they cite wanting to make the best game possible for the reason of the delay.


This hasn't been the first delay for Cuphead since its announcement back at E3 2014, but it isn't difficult to see why such a game can't be rushed. Unlike most games today, Cuphead features hand-drawn animation, and the 1930's cartoon style would only seem to make it more complex given that it's not used often these days.


At any rate, 2017 is right around the corner so you'll hopefully be playing Cuphead in no time.


Source: IGN (via Engadget)


Are you surprised and/or disappointed to hear that Cuphead has been delayed again?

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