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Double Dragon 2 Remake Out in April

Marcus Estrada

When Double Dragon Neon came out it was met with mixed opinions. Regardless of the final product, WayForward had (at the very least) made a very good looking game with excellent soundtrack. Chances are, you haven't heard much about a Double Dragon 2 remake though. In fact, no one really has until now.


This latest remake is called Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons (yep, Wander) and is not done by WayForward. Instead it was developed by Gravity and is being published by Cyberfront Korea Corporation. These names are known best for various MMOs and not XBLA or PSN titles. It also appears to take on a 2.5D perspective as opposed to 2D.


Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons is coming very soon - April 5th to be exact. At that time it will be exclusive to XBLA and cost 1200 Microsoft Points. While Sony fans may initially fuss about lack of PSN launch, they probably won't be after taking a look at some screenshots.

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