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Double Fine's Kinect Party Game to be Free at Launch

Marcus Estrada

Okay, Kinect games may not be on the mind of most Xbox 360 owners, but they might want to listen in if they're interested in getting a free game. Via the official Double Fine blog it was announced today that their upcoming title will be available at the low cost of nothing.


The title is Kinect Party and it is an XBLA exclusive focused on doing silly things in front of your TV with other people. It overlays effects on the screen such as fireworks or Minecraft-themed goodies. Why? Why not? It is meant to be a goofy diversion and that is one reason why Double Fine are going to be offering it for free.


Kinect Party launches on December 18th and will be downloadable free of charge from then until the end of the year. If you're curious as to whether or not the game is worth the download, check out the trailer:


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