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E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 Revealed

Marcus Estrada

Dead Rising began as a title which was meant to hype up the Xbox 360 launch. Although it ended up being a bit cumbersome, it was also exciting to see so many zombies on screen at one time. Dead Rising 2 attempted to up the ante, but still showcased various issues.


Although Dead Rising 2 came to both PS3 and 360, it looks like Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive (at least for now). A great deal of gameplay was shown which featured a handful of various weaponry, as well as the main character using a flare gun and flashlight. Most interestingly, it was shown that the player can call in artillery support to cut down hordes of zombies.


Oh, there is a brand new lead character in the game too. The black-haired guy seems keen on whining about the zombie outbreak, which is at least slightly more interesting than accepting everything going on around him. Dead Rising 3 is available exclusively for Xbox One this holiday season.



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