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Flashback Remake Includes Original Flashback

Marcus Estrada

In 1992, Paul Cuisset and Delphine Software produced a fantastic game (for the time or otherwise) called Flashback. It was highly cinematic in nature, with flowing motion and action. Players who have experienced the original Prince of Persia should be familiar with this style of game. Despite being difficult, there was still much to like about Flashback.


The game was left alone until recently VectorCell decided to take a crack at a remake. This is Cuisset's modern game studio which is best (or worst?) known for creating Amy on XBLA. The modernized version of Flashback appears to have changed a lot, although it still retains a fluid 2D atmosphere.


On August 21st, Flashback launches on XBLA at a discounted price due to being part of the Summer of Arcade promotion. Regardless of how the game turns out, at least players will be able to experience the original classic too. VectorCell announced that the 1992 version will come alongside their new game.


Two games for the price of 800 Microsoft Points doesn't sound that bad. It just remains to be seen if there are a large amount of Flashback fans out there, or gamers who will look past VectorCell's previous work.

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