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Gamescom 2013: ID@Xbox Program Announced

Marcus Estrada

Microsoft has been having a really tough time due to many of the things they initially stated about the system. One big issue was the concept that every game would require a publisher to make it onto Xbox One. They have since stated they still have a commitment to indies though and today's announcement also points in this direction.


Independent Developers @ Xbox is a new program specifically designed for indies. It is made so that they can self-publish digital games on Xbox One. Not only that, it also grants users free access to devkits. Of course, small developers who find a publisher can still enter their games into the marketplace as well, just not through ID@Xbox.


However, this is not yet the dream machine for hobby game creators. it is for "qualified game developers". This is dependent on a set of standards that Microsoft is not fully explaining at the moment. What we do know is that prospective developers have to have created at least a few games before on some platform.

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