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Halo 4 Achievement to Unlock E3 Trip for 25 American Express Cardholders

John Kidman

Cross-promotional products have been appearing over the last few months as Halo 4's landing date rapidly approaches. Doritos and Mountain Dew offered players double experience, but American Express is jumping onto the Halo 4 wagon in an even bigger way.


[Achievement Unlocked] is a beautiful sound for many, but the sound will be just a little bit sweeter for Halo 4 players who are also American Express cardholders. The Halo 4 ad on the Xbox Dashboard is now linking Xbox owners to exclusive offers for American Express cardholders. American Express members will need to synchronize their card through the American Express website in order to receive an access code. The access code provided must then be used on the Xbox 360 console for the player to unlock exclusive offers by earning select Halo 4 achievements.


Players unlocking the 'Operation Completion' achievement will receive an email confirmation within 7 days and earn a $50 statement credit when spending $100 at Best Buy with the synced card. 'Operation Completion' is earned by completing a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty.


Attaining the 'Wake Up John' achievement will unlock a one-time $25 credit, which should post to the account within 8 weeks of unlocking the offer. 'Wake Up John' is earned by completing the campaign on most difficulty levels, normal or higher.


The third Halo 4 achievement-based offer is designed with the most hardcore players in mind, but the reward is well worth the time investment. The first 25 synced Cardmembers to complete the game alone on Legendary difficulty, boasting the 'Lone Wolf Legend' achievement, will win a trip to E3 in 2013 for two.




Not an American Express cardholder? First-time enrollment unlocks a standard $10 statement credit, which can ultimately push the net price for freshly minted copy of Halo 4 down to a mere $25.

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