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Halo Wars 2 Announced, Coming 2016

Jason Clement

It was announced today during Microsoft's Gamescom Press Conference that a Halo Wars sequel is in the works.


While the original was developed by the now defunct Ensemble Studios, Halo Wars 2 is being developed by Creative Assembly, who are best known for their Total War series and last year's Alien: Isolation.


This news comes somewhat as a surprise since the original Halo Wars came out some six years ago, but there were rumblings that a sequel was a possibility when a Microsoft job listing hinted at the return of a "beloved" strategy franchise.


You can watch the brief, minute-long reveal trailer from Gamescom below.



Halo Wars 2 will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 in Fall 2016.


Source: IGN


Are you interested in a new Halo Wars?

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