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Kinect Sees a Price Drop

Marcus Estrada

For many, a Kinect at $150 was too much to ask. Why get another "gimmicky" motion device? Sure, it doesn't utilize any controller at all but there's not the biggest library of games available for it either. Well, if it was purely the price that was bothering you then maybe now the unit is enticing. Today Major Nelson announced a price drop for the Kinect down to $110.


This price is only for the U.S. Other regions like Latin America and Australia will also get their own price drops soon, although they weren't announced yet. Japan, on the other hand, isn't on the list for a price drop. This new price is simply for the Kinect unit itself and not any bundle. That's a shame considering there have been a few good Kinect bundles in the past, such as the device sold with its most popular game - Dance Central.


Why get a Kinect? Well, if you're in the mood for dancing games there's a bunch of those available. Then there's one or two "hardcore" games such as Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and some kid-centric titles. At the very least, it offers a mostly pleasant "hands free" experience but most gamers just want an actual controller.



If you don't have a Kinect does this price drop interest you? Does the Kinect need more games to be worth a purchase?

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