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Max & the Magic Marker Sequel Set for XBLA

Marcus Estrada

In 2010 an innovative little game by the name of Max & the Magic Marker came to Wii, DS, and PSN. The game focused around a young boy named Max and his, well, magic marker which could be used to draw directly into the environment to aid Max's progress. The game missed a release for Microsoft platforms and it seems that developer Press Play are finally making up for it.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a sequel to Max & the Magic Marker and is coming exclusively to XBLA in Spring. Max will once again use his marker to manipulate the game world around him. The main difference this time around seems to be that the game has completely changed art styles; from 2D art to 3D characters and backgrounds.


When the game hits XBLA it will be at the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. Although it is possible the game may see a later port to other systems, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently only announced for Xbox 360. Here is a trailer released to accompany Press Play's reveal:


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