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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Now Available on Xbox One

Jason Clement

Earlier this year at Microsoft's Xbox One press event, it was announced that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood would be one of the next gen console's launch window games, and it looks like the game has finally touched down on the console.


The Curse of Brotherhood serves as a sort of reimagining of 2010's Max and the Magic Marker, which originally saw its release on Wiiware before branching out to other platforms. Unlike the latter, which was more lighthearted in nature, this title is a bit darker.


As Max, you'll embark on an adventure to save your younger brother with the help of a magic marker through 20 levels in 7 different worlds. If you like action platformers and puzzle-solving, you should be especially at home here.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is available on Xbox One right now for $15.

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