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Microsoft Game Studios announces Age of Empires IV and remastered versions of II and III

Jason Clement

When you think of real-time strategy (or RTS) games, there's a few that reign supreme in peoples' minds. Chances are that if you didn't think automatically think of StarCraft, you probably thought of Age of Empires, and believe it or not, but the storied franchise is finally making its grand return more than 10 years after the last numbered entry: Age of Empires III.


Microsoft Studios revealed the announcement about Age of Empires IV at their Gamescom press conference earlier today, and it's set to arrive exclusively on Windows 10. Don't expect the game's original developer, Ensemble Studios, to be the one working on it, however; the company was shut down in 2009. Instead, Relic Entertainment -- known for their work on the Company of Heroes and Homeworld series -- has officially taken the reign on this project, making it the first of such with another publisher besides its owner, SEGA.


Little else has been said about the project, but Microsoft Studios did mention that remastered versions of Age of Empires II and III are also in the works, so expect to hear more about them in the next year. Check out the announcement trailer below.



Source: PC Gamer


Are you surprised/shocked/elated that a new Age of Empires was announced?

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