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Microsoft Gives Affected Customers a Month of Xbox Live

Marcus Estrada

Recently, there was an issue with the cloud saving feature on Xbox 360. This feature is meant to be a perk of Xbox Live Gold memberships, which allows you to access your various game saves across systems. As they are in the cloud though, without backup saves on your own system, you can only access them when connected and the servers are online.


When Xbox systems were giving out errors as people tried to access cloud saves, it was an issue worth paying attention to. "The cloud" may be a great idea in theory, but then there is a continuous reliance on the host to keep there servers flawlessly going. If you were affected by the errors by not being able to access your saves, Microsoft will be giving you a month of Xbox Live Gold.


This is to apologize to all the users who were unable to access those saves for a few hours or even days. Players who had this issue do not need to do anything either, such as call Microsoft. Microsoft knows who received the error and will apply a month of Gold to their accounts directly.

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