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Microsoft Investing More Than a Billion Dollars in Xbox One Game Development

Jason Clement

Microsoft has already announced that they will be releasing 15 exclusive games for the Xbox One within its first year of launch and that 8 of those would be new IPs, but Microsoft executive Phil Harrison recently explained just exactly what that meant in terms of cost.


Harrison revealed to Venture Beat that Microsoft is investing heavily in new game content this time around, to the tune of more than one billion dollars, in fact. According to Harrison, that's more than the company has ever spent on games up to that point. The money will not only fund games by Microsoft's existing internal studios but is also being used to start new studios in L.A. and London.


"We're growing our organization. This is a fantastic opportunity. It takes a lot of people," Harrison mentioned when discussing the investment.


In addition to the new L.A. and London studios, it's likely that Black Tusk Studios, a new Microsoft studio revealed to the public last year which is developing the company's next big IP, is also part of the expansion that Harrison mentioned.


While Microsoft is keeping mum on the new titles for now, expect them to fully blow off the lid on the lineup in just a few weeks at their E3 conference. This substantial investment in new games should be good news for Xbox fans since Microsoft has largely been ridiculed over the past few years for having few exclusives coming out for the Xbox 360 aside from its four core franchises.


Source: VentureBeat


Does it surprise you that Microsoft is investing more money than ever in Xbox One game development?

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