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Microsoft is finally putting the Kinect out of its misery

Jason Clement

It's the end of an era for one Microsoft product this week; namely, the Kinect.


This week officially marks the end of production for the motion-tracking device as confirmed by the Redmond tech giant. You might be surprised as I was to find out they were still producing Kinects given that no new major games have used it in the last several years. However, it did have a better run than most might realize.


From its release until now, Kinect has sold more than 35 million units around the world. A good portion of that number includes bundles with the Xbox 360, and more notably with the Xbox One when it infamously launched only as a bundle at the console's launch. It was arguably the Kinect that could be blamed for Xbox One's lagging behind PlayStation 4 since the bundling in of the motion-tracking camera set Microsoft's console a cool $100 above its competition.


Regardless, the Kinect has had a colorful life, if not an acclaimed one. While it's not known for any big game experiences in particular -- one of its most infamous uses was for a bizarrely off-tone dance minigame in Kinect Star Wars -- its best use for many gamers was its voice recognition, which could be used to open different games, apps, movies, and the like.


Farewell Kinect. You may not be missed, but you'll certainly be remembered... in one way or another.


Source: Polygon


What are your thoughts on Microsoft ending production for the Kinect?

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I'm pretty much right there with Venom. The technology never improved to a marketable or justifiable standard for major games. Sadly, it seems like PSVR is in that direction too since it's been almost a solid year since Resident Evil 7 came out and I've yet to find another game that interests me nearly as much. Either way, it'll be nice to see what Rare and other companies once tied to the Kinect can come up with now!

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