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Microsoft teasing Xbox Project Scorpio reveal at E3 2017

Jason Clement

Microsoft has officially announced its plans for a press conference at E3 2017, and this year it's coming a bit earlier than usual. An entire day, in fact.


This marks the first year that one of the big three console manufacturers are doing their press conference on a Sunday, which will be June 11 at 2pm PT this year.


The teaser graphic attached to the announcement makes it pretty clear that Project Scorpio, first announced last year as the "most powerful gaming console yet", will be talked about more in-depth, and possibly get a full reveal. Rumors have indicated for a while that Microsoft is aiming for a 2017 release for the console, so an E3 reveal makes a lot of sense if they're aiming for a November launch.


If it does indeed turn out to be a full reveal, expect to hear a more finalized name for the console, as well as whether or not Microsoft plans for it to be its next generation console or if it is only a half-step between Xbox One and whatever is coming after.


Source: Engadget


Are you glad to hear Microsoft's press conference is being moved to Sunday? And are you looking forward to hearing more about Project Scorpio?

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