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Microsoft Turns Down Settlement Offer

Jacen Leonard

And the drama continues when it comes to Microsoft using other peoples' tech. Microsoft has turned down a settlement offer from Motorola that asked for 2.25% of sales on each Xbox 360 and $0.50 from each sale of a copy of Windows.


If you don't remember, Microsoft has been using Motorola's technology called ActiveSync. It's used for the Xbox 360 S, Internet Explorer, Windows, and Windows Media Player.


Back in April, there had been a ruling laid down by Judge David Shaw that Microsoft should be given a cease-and-desist order on sales of the Xbox 360 Slim consoles nationwide. He also said that Microsoft should be prevented from importing in addition to paying Motorola 7% of the value of any and all unsold consoles in United States stores.


This of course did not sit right with Microsoft at all.


It becomes confusing as to why they would not wish to settle peacefully. But then again, that does end up being a bit of money for them to lose.


The case shall continue but Microsoft needs to realize it will soon run out of wiggle-room for negotiations.

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