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Microsoft's IllumiRoom Brings Console Gaming Outside of Your TV Screen

Jordan Haygood

At CES this week, Microsoft showed off a new concept for an interesting little project they're working on. Well, actually, it's not very little at all, because this project involves taking your video game experiences and putting them outside of your normal TV screen by projecting them all over your entire room. Talk about immersion!


This conceptual project, which Microsoft calls IllumiRoom, takes a Kinect for Windows and a projector and uses them to morph your room into the game itself, so to speak. Basically, IllumiRoom can change the appearance of your room, extend your field of view, induce an added feeling of motion, and pretty much give us gaming experiences we've never seen before.


But how does this all work? Well, the Kinect scans and captures the appearance and geometry of your room and adapts new visuals into it via the projector, all in real-time without any need to process the graphics beforehand. Would you like to see it in action? Of course you would:





Microsoft firmly believes that this kind of augmentation can truly enhance the type of video game experiences we're accustomed to. And from the looks of it, it actually might. But will it ever come to pass? Perhaps for the new Xbox? We'll have to wait until April to hear more about it when Microsoft reveals more info at the CHI Conference in Paris.


What do you think about the IllumiRoom? Are you excited for it or do you think it would just be a big distraction?

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