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Next-Gen Kinect Hinted by Job Listings and Patent

Jordan Haygood

According to new job listings on Microsoft's official website, the company seems to be looking for a software development engineer. Apparently, “the team that shipped Kinect for Xbox 360†needs some new blood to help with the development of “the future of Natural User Input.†The listing also states that “The Xbox Platform Team is gearing up towards the next generation of Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies†and that a “successful candidate must be able to come up to speed with new technologies.â€


But that isn't the only listing that hints at a new version of Kinect. Another listing, this time for a senior electronic engineer, shows that Microsoft is looking for someone to help work on "designing, building and delivering the devices and the innovative solution for Xbox and various future NUI applications.†This listing also comes with a mission statement, which is to “re-invent entertainment, led from the living room, powered by the cloud, across multiple screens and best experienced on our devices.â€


We've heard rumors in the past about Microsoft working on a better Kinect for their next-gen console, and now it seems like these are more than just rumors, thanks to these job listings. Furthermore, there was also a recent patent by the company themselves for a device (the new Kinect) that could use infrared light to capture depth “to determine a physical distance from the capture device to a particular location on the targets or objects in the scene.â€


We already know for sure that Microsoft is thinking about the future of the Xbox, and with so much dedication put into Kinect, it's more than likely that they'll be making a new model for their next console. With so many signs pointing to both a new Xbox and a new Kinect, expect you next Xbox experience to be full of body-flingin' fun.


Are you excited at all about the new Kinect? Did you like the original Kinect at all?

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