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Pricing Error Makes Gamestop Microsoft Points Cards Cheap


If you failed to fist fight your way through Target with the hopes of snagging a Microsoft Points Card at half price, then I've got some bad news. Because you quite literally just missed another great sale. And you didn't even have to elbow anybody to get it!


Yes, Gamestop was selling Microsoft points cards at a discounted price. Specifically the 1200 and 2400 points cards. Just how much money would you have saved? Well, the 1200 points cards were listed at $10 (which is a $5 saving) and the 2400MSP was $20 (a $10 saving!)


The cards themselves were special edition Naughty Bear and Worms Revolution which might explain the price mistake found on the cards, but really if you're reading this right now then you just missed it. If you would like to enrage yourself a bit more then feel free to read this Cheapassgamer thread where people did get in on the deal.


Sorry You Missed It

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