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Rare Replay Collects 30 Games All In One Package

Jason Clement

Today during Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, Rare Replay — a collection of 30 of Rare's games — was announced for the Xbox One.


Interestingly enough, Rare is actually handling this collection themselves (without outsourcing to another developer to port), and there will be added challenges and other extras being added to it beyond just the games.


Just about every big game in Rare's back catalog is represented here (with the exception of the Donkey Kong Country games and GoldenEye), from Jetpac and Battletoads to Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, and more.


The good news is you won't have to wait long for this; it's out on August 4 and will be going for $30. You can heck out the trailer below.



Are you interested in Rare Replay?

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