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Rare Working On Multiple AAA Future Releases According to Job Ad

Jason Clement

In a new job listing from Rare, it appears that they're hiring for "multiple AAA future releases" that are either about to start or are in development currently.


Technically, this isn't too surprising since Rare is wholly owned by Microsoft and therefore is considered a first party developer, so naturally they'd be expected to churn out high quality games. However, this is the first time since 2010's Perfect Dark remake that we've heard of something else in development besides Kinect Sports, which has occupied much of Rare's focus over the last two years.


Could this be the first sign of some new hardcore games coming from the British developer? Might a new Banjo game be in the works? Or something else altogether? It might be a while until we find out for sure, but Microsoft's E3 Conference is only weeks away and it's possible info on Rare's next project will show up then.


What do you think Rare might be working on?

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