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Redbox Instant Coming to Xbox Live

Jordan Haygood

If you've got an Xbox 360 and like to play around with the various apps available through Xbox Live, you may have tried out the popular video-streaming Netflix or Hulu apps at some point (or at all points, you couch potatoes). Well, if those haven't satisfied you, maybe Verizon's new Redbox Instant service will. This new video-streaming service from the makers of those things you see in Wal-Marts will be available sometime in the undetermined future through Xbox Live.


Redbox Instant is in a public beta at the moment (you can try it our HERE), and according to Microsoft spokesman Major Nelson, after signing up for the service, an email will be sent to you with a code that will allow you access to the Xbox Live Redbox Instant app in the "coming days."


Just like the similar Netflix Instant service, Redbox Instant allows you to access a catalog of movie streams on-demand, as well as the Redbox disc rental kiosks (aka those things you see at Wal-Marts). There are two plans: $8 a month for the DVD plan or $9 a month for the Blu-ray plan. For both plans, you will get unlimited access to streaming movies and up to four one-night rentals of DVDS or Blu-rays at any Redbox machine.


Do you use Redbox? Will you be using this app whenever it is released?

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