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Requirements to Use Xbox One as a TV Hub

Marcus Estrada

One of the highly-touted features during the Xbox reveal event was how the system would interface with live TV. According to them, a whole lot can be done with this, such as turning the Xbox One into a personal channel of favorite shows, or simply watching a show without switching inputs. For as convenient as this seems, there are things people will have to consider before making use of these functions.


For one, just buying a shiny new Xbox One won't be enough. Users are required to connect the system through a supported receiver device, as well as access to a set top box to begin with. The device, and of course television network, are sold separately.


These features are also restricted to United States citizens at the moment. The hope is to get them out to other regions in the near future. Having television-related features on the system are likely to generate new sales but hopefully purchasers will be aware of the various caveats.

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