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Rumor Watch: Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle Details Leaked

Jacen Leonard

We all knew that there was going to be some sort of custom bundle type thing for Halo 4. They've done a lot of custom themed bundles in the past for other games so why not Halo 4? Why not? Well that is apparently what Microsoft thought.


Well, maybe. It's not entirely official just yet but we'll have to wait and see about it.


However, there are some details that are important to look at: it has a price tag of $399.99, a 320GB hard drive, two wireless controllers with custom work on them, a black headset, and of course a copy of the Halo 4 game. All of which makes for a pretty sweet package. Oh and did I mention there are custom sounds to the thing too?


But that isn't all. There are reportedly some virtual goodies stored in the unit too. These include: an armor skin, weapon skin, an emblem, matching avatar armor, and an avatar prop. Of course all of which are Halo themed.



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