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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Rolls Out On Kinect This June

Jason Clement

Do you remember the original Steel Battalion game that came out for the original Xbox all those years ago? Probably not, because it had a 40-button controller that was pretty large, in addition to having two control sticks; not to mention that it was $200 on release, and because of that, it had a limited production run.


Fortunately, Capcom saw the potential for a new Steel Battalion game when Microsoft released the Kinect, and now you won't need a huge controller to get in on the action anymore.


Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is set in the year 2082 and depicts a world that is devoid of semi-conductors and instead reliant on low-tech and rudimentary weapons, and as such, only one weapon can determine the outcome of a war of superpowers that are struggling for dominance- the Vertical Tank.


Players will assume control of Lt. Powers as he pilots a VT and commands a battalion through North America and different battlefields across the world. And it appears that the relationship between you and the men and women from Power's battalion appears to play in an important part in the game as you pilot your VTs to victory.


Thankfully though, not everything is mapped to gesture controls, as VT movement, aiming, and firing of the main guns will be handled by the Xbox 360 controller while other commands will be handled by upper body gestures, such as starting the engine, to operating a scope and more.


And yes, you will be able to high-five your teammates after a successful mission. Y'know, because why not, right?


If you can't wait for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, then you're in luck; the game comes out exclusively for Xbox 360 Kinect on June 19 in North America and June 22 in Europe.


You can check out screenshots of the game in the link below.



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