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Team Ninja Forgets What Animals Are With Latest DOA DLC


In a perfect world, only Capcom would make silly errors while advertising or releasing their games. Thankfully however, this is not a perfect world. So let's all point and laugh as Team Ninja forgets what animals are.


Tell me what you see when you look at the image off to the right. Would you say it is some form of a cat costume? Well the answer is yes and no. It is a cat costume as long as you're not buying it off of the Xbox website.


If you are on the Xbox website however, you'll be buying a pack of bunny costumes for your game. Of course, they won't be bunny costumes when you load them up, but what's the big deal?




Well actually, it is kind of a big deal. I'd like to point out that the actual Bunny DLC pack is currently going for over $100 on ebay. Yes I'm well aware of how crazy that is, the reason I bring this up is if someone sees the pack for about $95 less than the usual price they just might jump on it without realizing what they're getting.


And seeing as you have to click the DLC description to see what you're actually buying, there is room for people getting the DLC pack mistakenly But really, let's just point and laugh for a bit about how they're calling cat costumes bunny costumes. We have to lay off Capcom sometimes. You can view the mistake at the link below.


Hey I'm a bunny!

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