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Ten Million Xbox Ones Have Been Shipped to Stores

Jason Clement

For much of the year, Microsoft's Xbox One has been lagging behind the current console sales leader PlayStation 4, though if Microsoft's recent announcement about shipment numbers have anything to say about it, the Xbox One could be closing the gap between it and the PS4's sales.


Not surprisingly, the Xbox One's recent limited-time price-drop from $399 to $349 (until January 3) has had a dramatic effect on sales momentum, with sales tripling from the previous week since the price-drop went in effect on November 2. Now Microsoft is reporting that 10 million Xbox One units have been shipped/sold to stores.


Of course, this means that there are 10 million Xbox Ones out there, but that doesn't mean all of them have sold through to consumers just yet. Microsoft had sold 7.42 million units as of the end of September, but it's not hard to imagine that the company will sell through to 10 million by year's end (or before, due possibly to Black Friday).


For now, it looks like the console war is evening up between Microsoft and Sony. As for Nintendo's Wii U, the number of units sold have passed 7 million as of the end of October.


Source: Xbox Wire


Are you more interested in buying an Xbox One now due to the current price cut?

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