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Those Who Bought The Walking Dead Retail for 360 May be Compensated with Downloads

Marcus Estrada

Since the retail releases for The Walking Dead came out on 360 and PS3 people have been having issues. Not all players have had the issue, but those who did definitely have a valid claim against it. What occurs is that the game has severe "hitching" (as Telltale terms it), which means the game has unacceptable freezing and stuttering, which is not at all conducive to play. Their forums have been alive with customers lamenting these and other issues and so finally the developer has given a response.


By their own investigations, they have deemed that only 4GB 360 models without hard drives suffer with this issue when playing the disc-based version. As such, players who meet these conditions will be able to request a free code for the complete season of The Walking Dead. It's a nice gesture to try and help those affected.


However, by simply playing and knowing of others who have played it, it's easy to realize that 4GB 360's are not the only consoles having these issues. My 250GB 360 has hitching, as do various PS3 models. Since Telltale has come to their resolution though it seems unlikely that they will revisit it to expand to more systems.

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