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Watch Out for Fez Patch

Marcus Estrada

Fez is one of the more popular indie titles released as of late onto XLBA. The Polytron-developed puzzle/platformer hybrid was met with pretty much universal acclaim. One unfortunate thing about the game though was that it also had various bugs upon launch. Today, a new patch released was meant to combat those issues. While it does fix them, it also creates new issues.


What problems does it cause? Here's the official word straight from Polytron:


"There is an issue that seems fairly widespread where the save file can be seen as corrupted by the game after installing the patch. We“re floored that this wasn“t found in testing. For the moment, deleting your system cache should resolve the issue, but if that fails, there is no known workaround."


Oops. Having your save with hours of time invested into it suddenly rendered corrupt is definitely a bad thing. Like they noted, there is a possible fix, but not one that helps everyone. It's a shame because the patch also featured a ton of good fixes to the game. Fixing crashes, poor performance/framerate troubles, and more were tidied up. Looks like players will have to wait a bit longer to get the "perfect" Fez experience.

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