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Xbox 360 Entertainment Bundle Made Available by Amazon

Marcus Estrada

With the end of September, Amazon unveiled a new bundled version of the Xbox 360 available exclusively through their site. While there are already 360s in the wild for lower price ($99 with contract), Amazon's proposition still looks appealing. The Xbox 360 Entertainment Bundle attempts to bridge the gap between people who want a system for games and media, not just one or the other.


What do you get with the Entertainment Bundle? The system itself is the 4GB 360 which goes for $200 these days. Also included is a 3 month trial subscription to Xbox Live Gold and three XBLA games. In an attempt to cater to the TV/movie crowd a remote and $10 credit toward Amazon Instant Video are also included. All this combined costs $230. It's not the most stunning deal in the world, but may entice those who still don't have the system.


Some may be wondering what three XBLA games are eligible. There are specific titles shown (Lode Runner, Snoopy Flying Ace, R-Type Dimensions), but they are not specifically chosen to be in every bundle. However, in order to purchase games they must have agreed to let themselves be used in promotions. So, there's little way of knowing exactly what XBLA games will work until you're ready to redeem some. Beyond that, this deal lasts until the end of the year. After that it seems Amazon will be done offering this bundle, or replace it with something else.



Is this bundle appealing? What would make it better?

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