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Xbox 360 with Contract is Real; Available Now

Marcus Estrada

Last week rumor quickly spread about a 4GB Xbox 360 being available for $99 if you got it with a contract. The rumor was quite interesting and seemed a bit too specific to be made up on the fly. As it turns out, the thing was the real deal as now Microsoft is offering it on their site. Let's see exactly what they have to say about this new mode of selling a console.


"Sign up for 2 year subscription to Xbox Live Gold Membership* at $14.99 per month and receive a 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99.

Promotional offer (Microsoft may terminate this Offer at any time).


*Applicable taxes extra. New 2 year Xbox LIVE Gold contract at $14.99/month required. Early termination fee and other restrictions apply."


This is basically exactly what was rumored, so obviously someone had let the cat out of the bag early. The only thing a bit different is that this is marked as a promotional offer. It seems that it will probably only be temporary if it doesn't sell like hotcakes. However, there are probably a lot of people out there who would jump at an initially cheaper system, even though it works out to being a little more than the cost of one by the end of its 2 year contract.



Would you consider buying a home console with a contract?

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