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Xbox Live Gold Free Weekend Now Live

Marcus Estrada

Do you live in the United States, Canada, Latin America, or Japan? If so, then you're able to partake in this weekend's free Xbox Live Gold event. Every once in a while Microsoft unleashes one of these weekends in the hope that it'll attract more Silver members into the Gold bandwagon.


The current free weekend for Xbox Live Gold is happening right now. It started at 7 AM PST and spans over the weekend until the 22nd (Monday) at 10 AM PST. Gold has many features which are unfortunately locked behind a subscription, such as allowing multiplayer matches, Netflix and Hulu access, and more.


Major Nelson has given out a Borderlands 2 Golden Key Code as part of the celebration. As such, it's only going to be active this weekend. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is also hosting a double XP weekend which coincides with Microsoft's event. Give Xbox Live Gold a sample this weekend if you like and contemplate why their service isn't more like Sony's.

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