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Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Release List

Jacen Leonard

It's summer time and what does that mean? Time for releasing games to keep the kiddies inside and playing video games without worry of homework, obviously.


Xbox Live generally does manage to have good games released during the summer time.


The list includes:

  • Tony Hawk“s Pro Skater HD – July 18th – 1,200 MS points
  • Wreckateer – July 25th – 800 MS points
  • Deadlight – August1st – 1,200 MS points
  • Hybrid – August 8th – 1,200 MS points
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail – August 15th – 1,200 MS Points

If you decide to buy at least three of the titles then you will be given 400 MSP back. Not exactly the best deal out there but it works for some.

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