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Xbox One Doesn't Require Kinect Functionality for All Games

Marcus Estrada

Microsoft just won't let the Kinect go. Although it did see some success thanks to the likes of Dance Central, it certainly did not end up being the "next Wii" as was probably intended. All the same, Microsoft has put serious money into the technology and maybe with the Xbox One it will finally fruition into something greater.


All Xbox One systems will come with a Kinect, and that Kinect is required to be connected to the system at all times. While creepy, it isn't a big deal considering most people leave their random peripherals connected to consoles anyway. What was worrisome about this required connectivity was that it could have meant all games would have Kinect functions.


When Phil Harrison was asked by Eurogamer if all developers would need Kinect functions in their game, he said the following:


"No, but as I say we hope that they do, and whether it's something as simple as a voice command or whether it's a more sophisticated gesture, is up to the designers to how they want to unlock that."


There is indeed a very strong push by Microsoft to make Kinect integral, but at least all developers don't have to squish it into their games if they don't want to.



What are your favorite Kinect games? How could the Kinect be improved?

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