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Xbox One Hard Drives Aren't Replaceable

Marcus Estrada

Now that the dust has begun to settle from the Xbox One event, multiple Microsoft staff are getting asked all sorts of questions about the new system. Engadget spoke with senior developer of product planning Albert Penello to get the details about the system's 500 GB hard drive.


As it turns out, unlike the previous 360, users will be unable to remove the hard drive. This is an internal drive which is non-user-serviceable. There's no doubt that modders will probably find a way to replace the internal drives with something larger, but that action would probably void the Xbox One's warranty.


What happens if you manage to fill up all that space with game installs and downloads, though? Thankfully, you can attach external hard drives (likely not proprietary). These drives are set to have the same functionality as internal, meaning you can save all the same stuff to them. Just make sure that your external drives have USB 3.0 connectivity because that's how they'll plug into Xbox One.

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