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Xbox One May Support Indies After All

Marcus Estrada

Who are we trust in the days since the Xbox One was revealed? Although we got some concrete information, we also got a lot of wishy washy stuff. We still don't know exactly how used games will work and how often the system needs to be online. All we really do know is that half of what Microsoft spokespeople are saying ends up getting retracted by others later on.


Initially, word got out that stated things like games wouldn't be able to get onto XBLA without a publisher. This would definitely harm indies who are not able to obtain a publisher for their titles. It was also said that the Marketplace divisions between XBLA, XBLIG, and AAA titles would disappear, making everything fit snugly in one instead. All of this sounds fairly worrying for indies.


To assuage worries, Don Mattick has spoken with Kotaku to showcase that Xbox One will have a place for indies:


"We're going to have an independent creator program. We're going to sponsor it. We're going to give people tools. We're going to give more information."


So they do have some method of getting independent developers on board but have yet to mention it at all, and instead spoke in ways that made it seem the exact opposite was true. Come E3 we will see whether or not Mattick is speaking accurately about plans or if this is yet another layer of obfuscation.

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