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Xbox One Projected to Come Out on Top in Black Friday Sales

Jason Clement

Any initial negative feeling toward the Xbox One seems to have passed over now, as Microsoft's next-generation console has sold the most during Black Friday according to a projection from Infoscout.


The data found that Xbox One sold 31% of console sales across 102,000 tracked receipts from major North American retailers like Target, Best Buy, and more. Coming in second was the Xbox 360 with another 30%, then PS4 and PS3 with a combined 15%, Wii U with 6%, and the original Wii with 1%.


However, it's worth noting that only slightly over 1,500 of the 102,000 receipts tracked included purchases of a console or game, so given the small number of console purchases compared to the overall number, keep in mind that these aren't definite results, but they're good projections for what those final results might actually be.


Are you surprised that the Xbox One may have sold the most?

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