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Xbox One Users in Trouble After Swearing in Upload Studio, Not Skype

Marcus Estrada

Over the weekend, some very interesting reports came up in regards to how the Xbox One might monitor users. A screenshot was posted with a broken sentence that said, "because of your past behavior, you can't Xbox Live Gold is required to use Skype for Xbox One". The surrounding commentary came up with the following consensus: Swearing in Skype was reported, which banned these users from continuing to use Skype.


This morning Microsoft spoke up about the brewing controversy with Polygon. No, the Kinect was not sitting in wait on private Skype calls to ban users for saying bad words. However, it is paying attention to what users say in the Upload Studio feature. Upload Studio is currently the only way for most users to save gameplay videos outside of the Xbox One. Because these videos are shared openly to others with the system, Microsoft has a strong stance against profanity in them. While Microsoft has the right to keep profanity out of videos they are hosting, they will definitely need to explain the rules to users upfront instead of suspending them outright in the future.


As for that confusing error screenshot that made the rounds? It seems to be a mix of both being suspended, as well as the user not being a current Xbox Live subscriber as Skype requires Gold to run. In other news, Sony has yet to respond to people doing weird, suggestive, or outright awful things while streaming with the PS4 Camera in the Playroom app.

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