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Xbox One Will Let Indies Self-Publish After All

Marcus Estrada

Edit: This was a rumor earlier in the day but has since been confirmed by Microsoft as true. Yay, indies are able to be on Xbox One again! The question is now if they will even want to. The original story is posted below.



Game Informer is reporting some big news today. According to their sources, Microsoft is preparing a way for independent developers to publish their games on the upcoming Xbox One. Previously, the rule being touted was that you would need a publisher in order to get a title on the system.


Considering other game companies have been moving toward indie game distribution, Microsoft was the main one pushing in the opposite direction. Hopefully these sources prove correct and we hear official confirmation soon, as Microsoft will miss out on many important indie games in the future if they don't switch course.


In an other reveal, these same sources also said that there will not be a need for debug/developer consoles on Xbox One. Instead, any retail unit can have its console ID authorized for running code. This would be a step up from the current Xbox 360 although even retail systems could still run pre-release code with small hardware modifications. In either case, if this is also true then it would allow more developers access to development on Xbox One.

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