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Multiplayer expansion finally heading to Final Fantasy XV next month

Jason Clement

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata mentioned in the past that a multiplayer update would be coming for the game for everyone who bought the Season Pass, but little else has been said about it since. The good news is we're finally getting that multiplayer update next month on October 31st, and it's titled 'Comrades.'


The big question on most peoples' minds about this expansion like is: "How does multiplayer fit into FFXV's story, especially when it's about Noctis and his three friends?" And the answer to that gets a bit spoilery; needless to say, you might want to finish Chapter 13 before reading further if you haven't gotten that far yet and want to avoid any spoilers.


In any case, this mode takes place in the world that's engulfed in darkness after Noctis disappears. You'll create your own member of the Kingsglaive (who'd managed to survive the attack on Crown City) and set out to discover what happened to the prince while tapping into different powers and abilities from various Lucian kings. Square Enix mentions that there will also be single player quests in addition to multiplayer ones to play through.


You can check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XV's 'Comrades' multiplayer expansion below.



Source: Press Release


Are you interested in playing FFXV's multiplayer expansion?

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Jason we're gonna have to team up for this. Maybe barrel and Venom as well if they still have the game unless they traded it in lol. I couldn't get into the beta due to server issues, but this looks promising. I always wanted to explore the events during Noctis's absence and how it affected everyone for many years. 

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