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New Atlus and Vanillaware Collaboration Coming

Jason Clement

It's been two years since Dragon's Crown released, so what has Vanillaware been up to in the meantime? Well, we're about to find out, according to a new teaser website that just went up.


The teaser site doesn't give a whole lot to go on, except that the reveal will be on July 20 (this coming Monday) at 7pm EST from Boston. Other than that, there's an interactive area on the page with a small sprout coming out of a shell where if you click it, the sprout grows taller. What could this be referencing?


In any case, there's a possibility this could be Dragon's Crown 2 or even a brand new IP. Whatever it turns out to be, we'll have more info when Monday rolls around.


Source: Atlus-vanillaware.jp


What do you think Vanillaware's latest game could be?

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