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New Dead Space In Development

Jason Clement

According to a recent investor call, EA confirmed that a new Dead Space game will release in the current fiscal year, meaning sometime between now and March 2013. Game Informer was told to expect more details at E3, where it's expected that EA will officially announce the title.


Though the game's title and story have yet to be confirmed, rumors have been pointing it being Dead Space 3, and according to rumors from Siliconera, the game will take place on an icy planet called Tau Volantis instead of in space. Also, the same rumors indicate that Isaac Clarke will be undertaking a rescue mission while on the run from authorities.


As always, you should take the rumors with a grain of salt until confirmed otherwise. Of course, we've discussed what we've liked to see happen in Dead Space 3, so we'll get a chance to find out what the game is like when E3 comes around next month.


Do you think the new title is Dead Space 3, and if so, do you think the rumors are true about its setting?

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