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New Green Light Bundle Emerges

Marcus Estrada

While this isn't their first foray into the bundle world, Stolen Couch Games is doing something creative with their Green Light Bundle. As the name implies, their sets of games have to do with Steam's Greenlight program, although they are not sponsored by them. What is this bundle exactly and what makes it different from the others?


In this bundle, you aren't able to get Steam codes with purchase at any price. Why? Because all the games included are currently on Greenlight, and as such, are not available through Steam yet. Obviously you'll still be granted download copies, but have to wait if redeemable codes are your aim. The bundle is meant to promote indies on Greenlight and convince people who pick up the set to vote them up.


Here are the games you get with a $1 purchase:

  • Omegalodon (PC, Mac)
  • Pixel Blocked! (PC)
  • Starlaxis - Light Hunter (PC)

And here are the additional games if you spend $5 or more:

  • Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land (PC)
  • Dawn of Fantasy (PC)
  • General Conflict (PC)
  • Oniken (PC)
  • Perpetuum (PC)

Some of these games, such as Oniken and Omegalodon are probably very near Greenlight status, but others need more help. Regardless, if you pick up the bundle, next week you'll also be given Awesomenauts DLC. There are currently no other perks but eight games for a few bucks is still a deal.

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