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New Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer

Harrison Lee

I've had my back turned to NFS: Most Wanted for the past several months. With all of the exciting releases lining up for a fall release date, it's easy to miss a racing game right? Criterion and EA think otherwise and have thrown out a deliciously fast and furious trailer for the upcoming Most Wanted franchise reboot. All I can say is, "DANG!" It looks as good, if not better than Criterion's Burnout: Paradise. Taking the same open-world philosophy and merging it with a car-hopping feature and online multiplayer suite may be just the thing the NFS series needs. I know I'm actually looking forward to it, despite the release date matching Assassin's Creed III's launch!


I love the speed and carnage NFS: Most Wanted is bringing. Getting chased by the popo hasn't looked this fresh or thrilling since Hot Pursuit. Couple that with Criterion's knack for making exciting arcade racers and there's no reason not to be excited! It also doesn't hurt that the game is visually gorgeous! Look for NFS: Most Wanted October 30th on XBOX 360, PS3, and PC. Need it to go? There will be a PS Vita, iOS, and Android version for mobile carnage!




What do you guys think? Are you excited, skeptical, or something else?

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