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New Skyrim 'Premium Edition' Unveiled by International Retailer

John Kidman

There should be no surprise when a wildly successful game receives a new edition within a year of the original release. Obligatory “Game of the Year” editions will often line retail shelves alongside the original edition in an effort to hit the retail market a second time and include most downloadable content.


A listing found by Examiner on Germany's Amazon.de website suggests that Bethesda plans to release a new 'Premium Edition' for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This new 'Premium Edition' will include a few physical goodies like a map, t-shirt, novel and post cards. A bonus disc loaded with a guide and bonus digital content shall also accompany the game. Unfortunately, the listing does not reference any of downloadable content recently released like 'Hearthfire' or 'Dawnguard' as being included with the game.





Amazon.de is currently the only retailer listing pre-prders for this version, but displays a December 7th release date in select European countries with a €59.99 (approximately $77) price tag on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PC players shall also receiving this bundle for €49.99. Although it is not uncommon for certain content and special editions to have regional limitations, the fact that Germany already received the original Collector's Edition may bode well for those in North America


Are you willing to buy a new Premium Edition for Skyrim?

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