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Nicalis Nabs The 90's Arcade Racer

Marcus Estrada

Kickstarter is the home of so many project that it's often hard to keep track. Just recently the GameStick was unveiled, as well as the episodic future of Dreamfall. This month also saw the launch of a project simply titled The 90's Arcade Racer which looked to be a tribute to the 3D racing games of the past.


The goal was set at a fairly low (for Kickstarter) amount of £10,000 which translates to about $15,600. Still, with five days left on the project it didn't manage to amass huge amounts over its goal like some, instead currently having £12,220 pledged. Of course, what matters most on Kickstarter is that a project is funded at all, not the excess that accrues.


Developer Nicalis, best known for Cave Story, has joined the project. Before this announcement, The 90's Arcade Racer was simply being developed by one person. Nicalis will aid this project by programming in Unity as well as helping to produce it. Why was Nicalis interested in joining this effort? Simply put, Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis, Inc. loved Virtua Racing, Daytona, and all the rest back in the day.


Thanks to this partnership the project will hopefully come out in a more expedient timeframe, although Nicalis doesn't have the best history for that. With their help it is also said that the game will be brought to Wii U via the eShop too.

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